Top 5 Best Sheet Metal Shears In 2017

Performing tasks with metals demand a smooth and resourceful best metal shear which offers flexible adjustment and powerful performance capabilities design to prolong the life of its blades potentially.

When applied for use in corrugated roofing tasks, the best and efficient metal shear offers one-handed operation, durable blades, the flexibility of replacement blades, including a polymer drill clamp that fosters high-reaching portability.

So, what are sheet metal shears? The best metal shears are plate shearing machines, and sheet metals used in many factories and occasionally in the home for tasks such as metal roofing and such other applications.

The key features of a metal shear device are the construction, mechanism and drive systems. Sheet metal shears are designed to cater for different needs, but each with variable speed and functionality.

Below, in descending order, are the top 5 best sheet metals shears in 2017.

5. Bosch 1500C 16 Gauge Sheet metal Shear The Bosch 1500C Gauge Metal Shear represent one of the best options you can get for cutting sheet metal faster than you can imagine, and it is worth every penny you will pay. The Bosch 1500C features a unique and powerful 4.2 AMP motor that can knuckle down all forms of heavy cutting jobs ranging from amateur cutting projects to large industrial structural fabrication projects. A unique aspect of the Bosch 1500C sheet metal shear is that it cut metals easily and spotlessly without any trace of forced physical exertion.

4. Malco TSHD Turbo Metal Shear Heavy Duty Here is an outstanding turbo sheet metal shear designed with easily replaceable blades with a compelling capabilities that enable it to navigate through square cuts and tight patterns with breathtaking ease. This Malco shear model has the capacity to cut through a material thickness weighing up to 18-gauge, which also include ferrous applications, non-ferrous applications/sheet metals, furnace jackets thick metals, metal roofing, equipment enclosures or automotive parts. The Malco TSHD possesses unusual characteristics that suit the need of a professional roofer about construction, performance, and durability. It stands out as the best-powered sheet metal shear cutting tool in the market used by professional roofers.

3. Grizzly H5503 Best Electric Sheet Metal Shear If you’re looking for a metal cutting tool that features an incredible 1/2 horsepower and 3.8 AMP motor boasting 2500 RPM at varying speed and controls ranging from 0.RPM to 2500 RPM; the Grizzly H5503 Electric Sheet Metal Shear is yours for the taking! The Grizzly H5503 is electric metal shear that requires no battery, and it can run in a stable manner devoid of vibration or instability, even under high-speed conditions. This metal shear tool is specifically designed to handle sheet metals that needed to be cut in defined radius-circles of 12 inches or more. Regarding price, the Grizzly H5503 is the most generous and suitable shear that works perfectly for cutting, trimming and easy slicing. It runs at an unmatched speed of 150 inches per minute—cutting up to 14 gauges in medium thick steel and 18 gauges in stainless steel—the best deal to steel in the market.

2. Kawasaki Black 4 AMP Metal Shear Designed and licensed officially by Japanese tech giants, Kawasaki, this sheet metal shear comprises of high-quality construction materials that reflect impressive performance standards, all under an affordable price tag. The Black 4 AMP Metal Shear bears a super all-ball carrying motor that has no load speed controls ranging from 0-2, 500 RPM. It also has a corded electric source, a swivel head, and its durability has been officially tested and ascertained. The Kawasaki 840358 is a serious metal shear manufactured to achieve precise cuts and superb finishes in a manner that saves time and effort. The tool is specially designed to cut straight and thin metals without any form of defects and complaints.

1. Malco TSCM Corrugated Sheet Metal Turbo Shear Here is the number one on our list—the Malco TSCM Corrugated Sheet Metal Turbo Shear—the metal cutting tool that features a compact and solid drill clamp which can conveniently be fitted into different drills and impact drivers—both small and large—for precise operating. The Malco TSCM drill clamp is unique in the sense that it can be rotated 360 degrees, with a secure lock put into position cue allowing users to achieve precise and flexible cutting experience. The Malco TSCM boast sleek construction, with a superb lightweight aluminum cast comprising of hardened carbon steel blades and compact molded polymer drill clamp to allow extreme endurance and portability to its users. The blades of the Malco TSCM are easily replaceable, and the fact that you can smoothly and persistently operate this tool at any high or low-speed level depending on your needs makes it the most leather and best Sheet Metal Shear of the moment.

In conclusion the best sheet metal shears are remarkable tools necessary for any one working with metals or roofing appliances. There you have the best sheet metal shears that conveniently get the work done while providing the ultimate material flow, especially when dealing with corrugated patterns. Get yours today and make your metal cutting task an easy experience.