Concrete Deck Paint

So you have your concrete deck and it looks ok? It works as intended, maybe its around your pool area. But it just doesnt look very nice. That drab concrete look isn’t really giving you the vibe you want but what other options do you have? You could put something over the top of it, wood decking or something else. But this would be expensive and kind of annoying, there’s nothing wrong with your concrete deck after all.

Concrete Patio Paint?

A good option for you might be concrete paint. You can get lots of colors and it is specifically manufactured for outdoors use and for painting on concrete. Its a cheap and easy option to make your deck look better without getting involved in any construction.

Concrete patio paint comes in lots of colors. Specialist concrete deck paint is manufactured to breath with your concrete patio and expand and move to prevent it from cracking. Usually it will also contain a roughening substance so that it isn’t slippery when it rains.

concrete deck

Painting your concrete deck isn’t as easy as painting your internal walls, it takes a little more effort if you want it to last. As well as the concrete paint, you will also need to apply a primer before you paint and a sealant afterwards. The deck needs to be scrubbed clean before you start and then left to dry again. The cleaner your concrete deck is, the better your finish will be on the paint.

Apply the primer in 1m squared areas at a time, and don’t bother with a paint tray, just pour it straight onto the deck and use a roller to spread it around. Cover the whole area and let it completely dry before you start painting.

Once your primer is dry you can paint on the concrete patio paint. Again, don’t bother with a paint tray, just pour it onto the deck and then spread it around with a roller. You should be fairly generous with the paint or it will dry patchy. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before you paint the sealant on.

This will get you a painted concrete deck that will last for years!