Black and Decker LDX120C Review

The Black and Decker LDX120C is an excellent, stylish looking drill. It is a 20v cordless drill that is powered from Lithium ion batteries. The drill is compact and lightweight and has other desirable features like the 11-position clutch and the LED light. Strictly speaking it isn’t aimed at the construction industry but more at the DIY/Home improvement market.

But is this cordless drill actually any good?

LDX120C Review

The bright orange look might not be to everybody’s tastes, but it actually looks a bit quirky and quite stylish. Other than the color, the first thing you notice is the small handle. Usually battery powered drills have a large handle to accommodate the power packs. Not this one. This is because rather than a stick type battery, black and decker have opted for a flatter battery.

The battery on the black and decker LDX120C is surprisingly good for the size of it. Lithium ion is far superior than the traditional NI-CAD batteries, and they hold the charge for much longer. With 115 inch pounds of torque, this compact driver will easily cope with anything around the home and could probably hack a little harder work if you put it through its paces.

Another great point to note is that this battery is also compatible with the other Black and Decker products.

The 11 position clutch is useful because, believe it or not, this little drill has buckets of torque. It will easily chew screws to pieces if you aren’t careful with the power.

Something that is quite disappointing and often overlooked is that when you buy this drill, you don’t get a carry case of any kind. A little disappointing but on the other hand, for this price range, you are getting a great bit of kit.

One thing to note is that if you don’t have a tight grip on the chuck when you tighten it, it won’t get tight enough to grip the drill bit. I didn’t find it a problem but i know colleagues did struggle some times.

I would say that I would buy one of these drills again. It functions great both as a drill and as a fantastic driver.

Black & Decker LDX120C Conclusions

This drill doesn’t have all the features of some of the more expensive drivers, but does it really need them? The answer is no. The LDX120C isn’t aiming at the same consumer as some of the more expensive tools on the market. This compact driver is aimed firmly at the home improvement guy. And with that in mind it more than meets the needs.

The battery power is amazing, it just seems to last and last and it has enough torque to screw any decking down. It is a comfortable bit of kit to hold and work with due to the small handle and the light weight. I am struggling to find fault with it.


Does it come with a light?

Yes the LDX120C has a built in LED light that shines on your work area.

Does it come with two batteries and a fast charger?

No, it comes with one battery and a slow charger that takes around 4 hours.

Does the kit come with any drill bits?

No, you need to purchase drill bits separately.

Will it drill through brick and concrete?

Yes, it has plenty of torque so as long as you have the correct drill bit you should be able to drill through most things.