Best Inverter Generator

Firstly, what is the best inverter generator? An inverter generator is any generator that has an inverter circuit on board that gives you the AC output. As with usual generators these types do still give you a mains AC output but the inverter circuit smooths out the voltage and creates the voltage frequency and waveform instead of the generator itself. Because of this, the best inverter generator supplies and extremely stable supply, no matter how fast the engine turns.

Inverter generators are the future and I predict that we will gradually see standard generators fall out of favour over the coming years.

The Best Inverter Generators

As with most things in life, it is user preference which is the best. However there are certain features that make some products stand out in the crowd.

When we are looking for the best, we are looking for certain things. Noise and fuel efficiency are the big things to look for. More fuel means more money but more noise means a constant headache. A quieter engine will usually mean a bigger generator so it can often be a trade off between size and noise.

Modern inverter generators are usually very quiet anyway but the difference between the loudest and the quietest can be extreme if you don’t get it right.

Advantages of Inverter Generators

There are many advantages to owning an inverter generator over a standard set. The main advantage, and the thing that shocks most people, is the size difference. Inverter generators are tiny compared to standard generators. This is due to the power being generated by different magnet types and configurations and the fact that the voltage is being generated by electronics rather than the hardware having to spin so fast.

Another major advantage is the smoothness of the supply that you get. The output voltage is perfect. There is no little jitters in the supply or drops in voltage, the output is a perfect sine.

Running costs are much lower with the modern inverter sets. Fuel costs can be 40% cheaper than with a standard unit, but you should keep in mind that they also often have smaller fuel tanks.

A major advantage that not a lot of people realize is that you can literally double inverter generators together and double your power capabilities!

So what are the best inverter generators

Read on and find out which we think are the best inverter generators you can buy right now. We based our decisions on a number of things but mainly how much power is available for the size of the unit and how much noise is created.

There are literally thousands of different inverter generators available so it can be difficult to choose. Read the reviews, read the features and choose the right kit for you.

Champion Power Equipment 75531i

best inverter generatorsThe first thing to note about this offering from Champion is the price point. Its almost 400 dollars cheaper than the nearest rival from Honda! It is rated at 2.8Kw so has plenty of bite, and you could really push it to 3Kw if you really wanted to.

This inverter generator is extremely quiet, it only puts out 60dB when under load and the build quality is excellent. The generator will run on load for roughly 6 hours on a full tank of gas, which is 1.6 gallons.

So add your fuel, add your oil and away you go. An ideal inverter generator for camping. Be warned though, it doesn’t handle the surge or a circular saw very well so might not be the best for outdoor electric woodwork!

Honda EU2000

Its a little red Honda generator! When you think of generators, Honda are a name that you might think of straight away. And with good reason. They have been building great generator sets for years, and this one is no exception. Its a great bit of kit.

The small size makes it ideal for camping, or boating but it still offers 1.6Kw of power. The honda EU2000 prides itself on its super quiet operation and fuel efficiency. It will run for 9 hours on a gallon of gas!

It is really neat and tidy. To look at it you wouldn’t even know it was a generator. And, like most of these inverter generators, you can parallel these up if you have more than one and give yourself more power.

If you want a compact, durable and powerful little generator then this is the one for you. Its amazingly quiet.

Generac 6866 iQ2000

If you haven’t heard of a Generac before then this model is an excellent introduction. A fantastic inverter generator for the money, the Generac 6866 is a great looking piece of kit. And it functions perfectly. Although it is labelled as a 2kw generator, it is actually more like a 1.6kw continuous running and 2kw peak for starting air con and things.

The Generac 6866 is amazingly quiet and has a great little feature in the fuel gauge. Its so compact given the amount of power you can get out of it and so light.

On top of all of this, Generac are an American company.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000

The Briggs and Stratton is a beast of an inverter generator! It generates 3Kw of power and offers an impressive 10 Hrs of continuous running at 25% load. You should note that 3Kw is the peak power, the running power is only 2.6kw….Which is still huge!

The generator has 4 household socket outlets and a 12v outlet but it also has a USB port, which is useful. Thanks to the huge wheels and the pulling leaver the Briggs and Stratton is so easy to haul around.

One thing that stands out, and makes it one the best generators is as soon as you start using it, how easy it is to start. The pull cord is amazing, it starts first time, every time.

Very quiet generator, being rated at 60dB.

An inverter generator is a great addition to your kit. You can use them for camping, boating, workshops……Any occasion where you need a mains power supply.