Best Angle Grinders

The best angle grinders are surely a very important power tools required for works in the home. If you require cutting or grinding an excess portion from a piece of metal or wood or concrete or if you want to polish a piece of metal or stone or to cut a tile in precise shape, an angle grinder is the best power tool which gives excellent grip and excellent cutting. On top of the best cordless screwdrivers, angle grinders are one of the more popular power tools. Let us see which the best angle grinders available in the market are.

Bosch GWS 700-115 Angle Grinder:

This is the best you can get. With the reliability of Bosch, this Angle Grinder comes with two years company warranty. With 2 meters long power cord attached, the angle grinder does not operate in a battery. It operates at a wattage level of 700 watts and weighs about 2 kilogrammes. Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder can be useful in cutting any material at your home. It is absolutely easy to handle and operate and provides maximum safety.

Makita DGA452Z 18 V Cordless Angle Grinder:

With the performance guarantee from Makita, their latest angle grinder model DGA452Z 18V angle grinder is one of the best models. The model being battery operated gives you a huge advantage of working outdoors and in remote places. Power by 18-volt lithium ion battery, the angle grinder is no less than any electric powered grinder in terms of its performance. It is one of the lightest models you can get and that hugely increase its usability.

Black+Decker KG115A5-GB Angle Grinder:

Black +Decker is one of the best brands for power tools and their KG115A5-GB model is one of the best heavy duty angle cutters in the market. Weighing about 3 kilogrammes, this is one of the heaviest angle-grinders and is useful for cutting the toughest of materials. Be it a concrete or stone projection or a small piece of excess metal, this model is appropriate for cutting that. The most important feature is that the model is sold along with 5 blades; 1 for stone cutting and the rests for metal. Powers by 230 Volts and 750 watts, this model comes with a 2 meters long cord.

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Angle Grinder:

The DeWalt 18V XR model is the best among the portable Angle Grinders. This model weighs about 2.2 kilogrammes which is among the highest for battery powered best angle grinders and its extra weight makes it an extremely heavy duty model. Creating 3000 strokes per minute without generating excess vibration this is one of the most comfortable angle grinders to use. Powered by 18 volts Lithium-ion battery, the DeWalt 18V XR model is portable and at the same time useful in cutting and grinding almost any material.

Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder:

Our list of five concludes with another superb model from Makita. The GA4530R model from Makita is their best electric powered model and is surely one among the top. The best part of this model is its side grip handle which is ergonomically placed at 20 degrees and provides excellent grip. With an easy start and anti-restart option provides excellent handling and manoeuvring. Useful for cutting any material required for your home improvement, the model is powered by 720 watts motor which generates very little heat and can be used for a long duration at one stretch.

There are plenty of best angle grinders available, but these are the best!