5 Advantages Of Wind Power

As man continues to evolve scientifically, society moves away from the choking clutches of an energy system primarily dominated by fossil fuel, looking for ways to implement a sustainable and renewable energy sources—of which wind power is one that has many advantages.

Wind power defined Wind power is a source of renewable energy involving the conversion of wind energy into a form that is usable on a medium and large scale level.

wind generatorsWind turbines serve as the primary sources of generating power from the kinetic energy of the wind, and the amount of generated power primarily depends on the speed level of the wind available as well as the numbers of wind turbines installed in the generation process.

Most people are familiar with wind power; but what are the advantages inherent in wind power? This article brings you the top 5 advantages of using wind power.

Top 5 advantages of using wind power Below are some reasons why wind power is widely used today as a source of energy generation:

1. Wind Power Is Cost Efficient One major advantage of using wind energy is the amount of money saved during the duration of its use. Initially, the cost of setting up the turbines and wind farms may be on the high side, but once a wind farm is put in place, the reward on the long run can be overwhelmingly inexpensive for the owner. Because the wind is free, and by which the turbines operate, the cost virtually amounts to nothing for the owner. Currently, it is estimated that wind power can be generated for approximately 2.5-5 cents/kWh, which is far cheaper compared to traditional conventional energy sources.

2. Clean and Renewable Energy Source Unlike the destructive tendencies of fossil fuels, the use of wind power as a source of generating electricity from the wind doesn’t in any way pollute the atmosphere or deplete the natural environment. At a time when there is high concern on global warming, which focuses mainly on fossil fuel/green house pollution—wind power is the best alternative to provide energy to a variety of population, especially those in difficult terrain. The fact that wind power can be combined with solar energy makes it a more important option, as such combination will yield greater output while actually addressing and solving the problem of wind shortage.

3. Equal Opportunity For All The use of wind power brings a sense of equality and self-reliance among developed and developing nations of the world. Since wind turbines are greatly flexible, countries that may lack the financial muscles or access to other sources of energy can benefit from wind power. Depending on the location, developing countries that have coastal regions and savannahs are ideal places to mount wind turbines, since the wind is typically unobstructed and abundant in such areas. Examples are places like the Sahara Desert.

4. Save Space Unlike fossil fuel plants, wind turbines don’t require large space or pose a serious health hazard and danger to the environment. Conventional fossil fuel plants occupy a lot of space and pose serious health risk and danger to the ecosystem. On the contrary, wind power installations don’t constitute any threat to the ecosystem, except for some unlucky birds that get caught and sucked into its vortex.

5. Guarantees Independence Perhaps the greatest advantage of using wind power is that it ensures domestic energy reliance, national security, and complete energy independence. The reason is that, unlike fossil fuel, wind power is a domestic source of energy that doesn’t require the importation of fuel or heating resources from other countries. Thus, it guarantees independence as every nation can produce and meet their own energy needs without relying on external suppliers. Conclusion The advantages of wind power are innumerable, and since it poses zero threat to human health and the environment, any form of disadvantage or contrary argument against its use are immaterial. Wind power, especially when combined with solar energy, is the best form of energy in the modern era.

So grab you wind turbines today!

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